Career at Garena

Customer Service Representative - Philippines

 Key Responsibilities

–  Provide assistance for Garena Customers in resolving account or payment related concerns directly associated to their personal accounts        through E-mail, Chat, and or Voice Support.

–  Create/update helpdesk ticket for each concern, encoding necessary changes in appropriate CRM/Garena Tools provided by the company.

–  Open a case in CRM for every new incident/request reported by the customer.

–  Ensure high quality customer support by following-through in resolving each case within boundaries of support.

–  Interface with other departments or appropriate co-work groups for assistance when necessary.

–  Ensure all cases are updated on a daily bases, status to be set appropriately.

–  Ensure adherence of all case management rules which will help in the right and a quicker resolution and hence maintain a manageable     backlog.

–  Required to render all deliverables within the agreed service level parameters.

–  Assist in creating and developing related FAQ’s and other Knowledge Base Articles Database.

–  Perform other responsibilities assigned by management.

 Soft Skills

–  Good command over spoken & written English.

–  Should possess reasonable typing skills (at least 25 WPM) to ensure better turnaround time.

–  Self starter and can easily motivate oneself and others.

–  Adhere to all organizational and operational policies at all time.

–  Should ensure high level of quality in process deliverables.

–  Excellent team player.


–  Flexible to working on night shifts/shifting schedules including weekends.

–  Amenable to working overtime when necessary.

Qualification and Experience

–  Bachelors Degree, Diploma with certification or Equivalent Work Experience

(> 1 year relevant experience as a CSR or in any other related hospitality/customer service industry).





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